As a teenager, I tried to understand the inner workings of music as much as possible. That attempt never ceased, and resulted in my love for composition, songwriting and music theory. I've learned to play guitar, bass, piano, a few percussion instruments, tin whistle, and I can sing. I've applied and developed these skills by playing in bands, doing studio work with those bands, performing as a singer-songwriter, cowriting, composing and by simply practicing. At 23 I enrolled the Artez Conservatory in Enschede, majoring in songwriting. During this time I also (re)discovered my love for teaching, and I ended up working at the conservatory I studied at. 

During and since my studies, I've also fallen in love with the incredible emotional impact of classical music, jazz, filmmusic and gamemusic. Especially that last one, gamemusic, interests me a lot. Be sure to contact me if you are an indie game developer, looking for someone to compose your soundtrack and work on general sounddesign. If you're in doubt, maybe this description helps pull you over the edge: We both want to show the world what we can create and we both believe in the incredible capacity of games to deliver an experience, tell a story and/or facilitate learning.