I'm currently (re)building my portfolio, so please come back in a while to see where I'm at. Last update: march 1st, 2023.

A young girl, trapped in her hometown by her well-intending family, decides to claim her freedom. She quietly escapes the village and climbs the surrounding hills, where she, for the first time, sees the vastness and grandeur of the wide, open world.

A dark, high fantasy army preparing for war their black keep. Orcs gathering, smithing and sharpening weapons, creating more Uruk-Hai, getting in formation to start marching, opening the gates of this black keep and starting their march.

The dark lord approaches.

Our heroine found pixies who brought her to the elves' forest capital

NES-style tracks: working with strict limitations to master simplicity.


The theme of Eggerland Mystery, adapted to fit an NES-style romhack (The original game is designed for MSX). 

An original battle-theme.

An original, playful Overworld Theme.

I started writing songs at 16. I was also an avid gamer back then. Okay, I still am. Who knows why I didn't focus on composing gamemusic straight away. I guess I was too focussed on one thing to connect the dots. Well, I've made quite a few changes and I'm eager to dive into this world. 


I'm an experienced songwriter, and I know enough about musictheory and composition to have made the examples above. Of course I've studied classical music and jazz to a certain degree, and I know darn well what game music ought to feel like from my thousands of hours of experience playing games. 


Main game music composers that inspire me: 

 - Jeremy Soule (Elder Scrolls, Guild Wars,  Harry Potter games,  Star Wars games,  and many,  many more)
 - Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight, Pac-Man 256,  Outfolded, TOHU,  Hacknet)
 - Ben Prunty (FTL, Subnautica: Below Zero) 


Although I draw inspiration from many sources, having been a songwriter and bandmusician in many pop genres, and studying jazz and classical music.